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3750 Santa Rosalia Dr. Condominums

The Bedford Parc condominiums are located in Baldwin Hills, California. Along with beautiful views of Los Angeles, the building has several transportation options available, including bus, light rail and is located within walking distance of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. 

There are 70 two- and three-bedroom residential units with ample parking for all owners. In addition public parking exists across the street, and in the lot south of the development for visitors. As of July 2013, family practice medical offices and a pharmacy are located on the lobby level.

Our website contains useful information for homeowners and the general public. Please use the navigation links at the top of the page to access the different pages of relevant information. Enjoy!

CLARIFICATION OF PARKING RULES - now available at the Security Desk & in the Official Bulletin Board

Look for the "Clarification of Parking Rules Matrix" completed by the Governing Documents committee. It will be posted in the mail lobby Official Bulletin Board as well as at the Security Desk. NOTHING NEW, the committee just made understanding the already established/approved parking clearer for you, our homeowners!

Tell US what you think about...

the Clairfication of Parking Rules Matrix...
now available
Pick Up your personal copy at the Security Desk
and posted on the Official Bulletin Board
located in the Mail Lobby alcove
Saturday, November 23, 2013

All Volunteers are Welcomed!!

updated 10/02/2013 1:09pm

Volunteers desired for membership on Bedford Parc HOA Committees

MAKE  a positive contribution in OUR community -- volunteer Your time and talents as a committee member for OUR Homeowners Association (HOA) For more information Submit this form...



updated 05/21/2014 7:50am



Homeowner Information Forms
missing after 11/13/13 will cause homeowner to be fined $200 each month until received.

Forms are available at the Security Guard Station, and can be sent by FAX, US mail; placed in Drop Box, or scanned and emailed to

thanx for Your Cooperation!


How to contact Security

updated 11/18/2012 8:50am

 Bedford Parc Security Contact Info

You contact the our security officers while on duty at:

Direct Phone:   310-925-9233
After Hours: 800-992-4666

In Emergency Situations Call 911

Click here to learn more about our team and how to contact them from the com panel in your unit.


Say it with your inner voice...

updated 06/22/2013 12:06am

Do you have something you would like to say or share with the community?  Make yourself heard and known.  You may have the same thoughts and ideas of others.  Participate in the forum section.  We all would like to hear from you.  Click here...




NOVEMBER 13, 2013 - THIRD & FINAL NOTICE: Homeowner Information Forms are DUE. Forms not received by by 11/13/13 will cause homeowwner to be assessed $200 each month until received. Send questions/comments to property manager.


     TUESDAY - FEBRUARY 11, 2014 - 6:45 til 7:45 
(approx.) or until ALL QUESTIONS are answered

Purpose: the Board's effort to keep HOA dues to a minimum AND
to keep YOUR personal electric and water bills as low as possible, too!

Two City of Los Angeles represpenstives are invited to share important information with us. 
The FIRST 25 HOMEOWNERS will receive a gift - Light Refreshments will be available. 

THIS WAS PLANNED FOR EVERYONE RESIDING IN BEDFORD. We've also extended the invitation to PROMENADE homeowners, as well.   Your Board of Directors looks forward to seeing everyone!  :-) 

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates

Latest Forum Posts

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DOG OWNERS: PLEEEEEZE PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP! Not only is it offensive to the residents in the Unit adjacent to Doggie  Land, but also, it'z unsanitary; there are threats of 'closing the area'.  We'll be watching from the cameras to see who's owner is leaving poop and being a disrespectful neighbor. What You Plant, You Beget! ...consequences... 

Are the "Revised" Parking Rules & Regulations 'reasonable' and 'acceptable' to you?

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